Prehistoric painted rock shelters of Bhimbetka

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Reaching Bhimbetka

This archaeological site is located around 45 km southeast of Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh in India. It takes around an hour to reach this place from Bhopal by road.

Glimpses of Bhimbetka

It spans the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, as well as the historic period. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of over 750 rock shelters. But a small trail covering a few rock shelters are accessible for visitors to have a glimpse of prehistoric settlements and developments.

A major attraction of this archeological site is the Prehistoric paintings (oldest known rock art in India) found on the walls and ceilings of these rock shelters. These paintings show animals found during those times, paintings of dance, hunting, warriors on elephant and horseback, and many more dating back to periods from the stone age to later ages.

Rock Shelter No.1. You can see the drawings on the ceiling depicting 2 elephants with a man on one of them holding a goad in one hand and a spear in the other and having a sword on his waist.

Planning your trip

When you are planning your trip to Bhimbetka caves from Bhopal it is worth visiting the Shiva Temple at Bhojpur which is around 30 km from Bhopal (1 hr) on the same route. In that case, you will have to consider an additional 50 mins journey (26 km) from Bhojpur Shiva Temple to Bhimbetka.

You can easily cover both places and come back to Bhopal before the end of the day even if you start at around 11 am after having a leisurely late Breakfast.

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