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If you are traveling to this part of the country, you cannot afford to ignore visiting this beautiful fort city with landmark buildings telling stories from a rich history including the famous love story of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort Rani Roopmati.

Reaching Mandu

Mandu (Mandav) is an ancient fort city around 95 km to the southwest of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. You can comfortably reach Mandu from Indore by road in around 2 and a half Hrs.

Glimpses: Mandu

Planning your trip

2 days and 1 Night stay in Mandu is enough to visit the major sites and attractions (including the sound and light show) inside this fort city. If you want a relaxing stay in a resort here or planning a visit to Maheshwar (Situated on the banks of river Narmada, famous for its very beautiful Ghats and Maheshwari sarees) around 40 km towards the south-east (1 hour by road) and staying here at night, you can extend it to a 2-night 3-day trip.

Try to reach Mandu before lunch (if you are coming from Indore, you can have your late breakfast in Indore and easily reach Mandu by road before lunch). You know you have reached Mandu when you find the Kakda Kho Waterfalls on your left. Make a small halt for a breathtaking view of the V-shaped valley.

A breathtaking view of the Kakda Kho Mandu
A breathtaking view of the Kakda Kho waterfall and the Valley a few minutes before you reach Mandu.

The entry to the fort city, as in all other ancient forts, is through a series of gates the first of them is the ‘Alamgir Darwaaza’. You are finally inside the fort city once you buy the entry ticket to the city and cross the Mandu Check Point.

Day 1

Check in to your hotel/resort, have lunch, relax a bit, and after lunch go out to visit the Roopmati Pavillion, the Baz-Bahadur’s Palace, and the Rewa Kund all in close proximity. There is a check post at the entrance of this area where you need to buy your tickets which you have to show at the gate of Roopmati Pavillion while you walk up towards the structure after parking your vehicle.

Your next destination will be the Jahaz Mahal Complex which you should be trying to reach by 4 pm. It will take around 15 mins to reach there from Baz Bahadur’s palace. On the way look out for the echo point (on the right side of the road) and take a small halt there to experience the ‘echo’ effect when you shout out from the roadside towards an old structure located around 100 meters from the spot.

Echo Point Mandu
Echo Point Mandu

The Jahaz Mahal Complex closes at 6:00 pm and if we reach there by 4, we should be able to visit all the important structures inside the complex. Enjoy the sunset from Jahaz Mahal just before you leave.

Our next attraction is the sound and light show which starts at 7 pm in the evening inside this complex on the backdrop of the Hindola Mahal. But, to attend that you need to drive towards another entry (show tickets are made available around half an hour before the time at that entrance). You can ask the security personnel here for the route to the show entrance which is around 2 km from the main entrance. 

Before you leave for the show you can have your evening snacks and tea just outside the main entry gate of the Jahaz Mahal complex.

After experiencing the beautiful and informative sound & light show you can reach back to your stay by around 8 pm (in Mandu, the stays and the sites in and around are all within a driving range of around 15 to 20 mins). Have your dinner and sleep well.

Day 2

The next morning after having your breakfast, Visit the Jami Masjid and Hosang Shah’s Tomb (adjacent to each other) and the Ashrafi Mahal Complex (facing the Jami Masjid). 

Come back to your hotel/resort before 12 and checkout. (If you are interested and have time, you can visit some other smaller structures that you come across on both sides of the road while coming back to your hotel).

If you are planning to stay for another night, you can now drive to Maheshwar (around 1 hour by road) on the banks of Narmada and come back to Mandu in the evening for another night’s stay.

On the next morning have breakfast, sit back at your stay, and relax through the calmness of this amazing fort city, before you finally checkout at 12 noon and say goodbye with a wish to come back again.

A lake view from our stay at Mandu
A lake view from our stay at Mandu

Something Interesting

A very interesting fruit is found in Mandu and nowhere in India and it does not even belong to this continent. Yes, you read it right. It is called the ‘Khurasani Imli’ or sometimes ‘Mandav Imli’ or ‘Mandu ki Imli’ which is actually the Baobab of Africa. You can see the trees everywhere in Mandu. Probably, it was brought to Mandu during the reign of Mahmud Khilji in the 14th century and its name was changed from ‘Baobab’ to ‘Khurasani Imli’. Others believe that this tree came here from Persia, as Khorasani Imli  literally translates to ‘tamarind from Khorasan (ancient Persia)’.

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